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Remote Processing Services

SBS provides innovative "Low cost remote Processing Services" enabled by our proprietary portal software framework. Using our unique Business Processing Partnering approach we can structure a complex process into two sets of tasks. One set of tasks is performed by the customer staff, and the other set of tasks can be executed by SBS as a contracted service or performed by the customer appointed remote staff. The customer dictates the quality and timing expectations for the tasks, and retains full control of the process while portions of the process are performed. Customers can then focus on their core priorities.

Using our customizable portal and document scanning services we can develop custom solutions for you to reduce your paper based process activities, such as, invoice processing. We can even have our staff login from a remote location into your systems and perform labor intensive activities, such as, indexing, redaction and medical chart abstraction.

Travel And Expense Report Auditing

The SBS solution was developed based on best practices associated with Travel And Expense Report Auditing. SBS solution was developed based on best practices associated with Travel And Expense Report Auditing
SBS provides a very cost competitive service for companies planning to reduce their Travel And Expense Report Auditing related costs. The solution is comprised of:

  • Internet based secure portals
  • Rule based electronic workflows
  • Well trained remote staff
  • Twenty five years of imaging and document management expertise

Needs and Challenges

  • Reduce T&E audit related costs
  • Ensure compliance to company policies
  • Maximize VAT reclamation
  • Timely completion of audits



  • Reduction in T&E auditing related costs
  • Increase compliance to company policies
  • Maximize your VAT money reclamation
  • Focus on your core activities
  • Manage growth without hiring and committing to new audit personnel
  • Consolidate all geographically separate divisional expense reports auditing


How it works?

  • We perform a no cost needs assessment
  • Review all options and associated benefits
  • We deploy a custom solution that meets your company's specific needs
  • We run the process on a pilot basis
  • No upfront capital
  • You will pay based on the amount of expense reports audited


What is unique about SBS?

  • We focus on smart process solutions and not on technology
  • SBS solutions leverage IT, power of internet and global resource availability
  • Provide solutions to business problems without the need for investing any capital
  • We understand the business processes of various verticals and offer solutions that are prepackaged and ready to use

SBS is currently offering the following remote services:

  • Medical Billing Services

  • Travel and Expense Report Auditing.   More

  • Invoice Processing Services.   More

  • Document Indexing, Redaction and Abstraction Services

We are currently working with a number of customers to package service solutions specific to customer needs. All services provided by SBS will be powered by our proprietary portal environment; and no software purchase or capital investment is needed to get started.

For more information on our highly customizable services, contact us at 1.800.974.1841 or send an e-mail at

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